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An Independent Kitchen IN NORTH LONDON

Private chef offering bespoke freezer filling and custom event catering. 




We all deserve to eat well, but not everyone has the time or inclination to cook. Enter Sycamore Smyth...

Convenience food doesn’t have to mean a ready meal or a takeaway. With a freezerful of meals made especially for you using fresh, seasonal ingredients, it’s no hassle to enjoy a delicious dinner at the end of a long day.

Likewise, entertaining needn’t be an effort. Have a three-course dinner party dropped off at your door, fully prepped and provided with instructions for what little needs doing before your guests arrive.

Homemade burgers for barbecues, along with marinaded meats, veggie treats, salad platters and salsas - just fire up the grill! What about a selection of canapés, treat-packed picnic hamper or indulgent afternoon tea? Pick from the options available or get in touch for a menu consultation.

For those who want the full-on private chef service I can cook and serve a meal in your home, even taking care of the washing up.

Intimate dinner party or informal buffet, it’s a personal service so don’t hesitate to ask about special diets or even wine recommendations.

Time to dine!


Some of the nice things people have said about my food:

"Amazing healthy and tasty dishes and dessert to die for." - Haden R

"Your lasagna is the best we've ever tasted!" - Sharon C

"Much enjoyed the wonderful food." - Christine G

"Such a fantastic meal. The food was excellent, the courses beautifully balanced, and the atmosphere relaxed." - Annemarie Y

"What a magnificent dinner!" - John H





I’m Clare Heal, Sycamore Smyth’s Chief Cook & Bottle Washer...

clare heal

My background is in journalism. I worked on the features desk of a national newspaper for more than a decade before following my heart (or - let’s be honest - my stomach) and retraining to be a chef at Leiths School of Food and Wine.

I assumed I’d return to journalism, specialising in food, but decided to get some experience in professional kitchens after gaining my diploma and was caught off guard by how much I loved it. I baked a lot of cakes and poached a lot of eggs at the charming St Clements Cafe and did my time as a stagier, including a particularly inspirational period spent at Bocca di Lupo. The adrenaline rush of a restaurant kitchen in full swing for service is fairly addictive. But the crazy hours weren’t, and I realised that what I was really smitten by was the idea of feeding people - preparing food with love, assuaging hunger and turning physical necessity into an opportunity for happiness.

Back when I did a desk job, I found cooking to be a great way of winding down at the end of the day. But I’m well aware that plenty of people don’t feel the same… So, pursuing my instinct to nourish, I founded Sycamore Smyth for anyone who wants to eat good, homecooked food but, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to prepare it themselves.

I get asked a lot about the company’s title and the answer is that it combines the tree that overlooks my garden and my husband’s name (which I didn’t take when we got married!). It’s a way of rooting what I do in the place that I do it and also of thanking him for his support as I threw caution to the wind and embarked on this adventure. Also I just liked the way it sounded and couldn’t think of anything else. The logo was the result of a happy couple of hours messing about in my back garden with some cyanotype paper.

I also still write a bit and develop recipes. Those who are interested can download a copy of my CV and you can see some of my work here and I'll be posting recipes and musing on the blog. I also teach, both privately and at Borough Kitchen. But mainly I cook. So what do you want to eat?

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