Kitchen Basics

Learn a few essential techniques and adaptable dishes which will give you confidence in the kitchen. A great present for someone about to go off to university! We'll cover: knife skills; sweating vegetables; making a basic tomato ragu and a cheese sauce that can be both be used for countless pasta, vegetable and other dishes; how to make an omelette and other simple egg tricks; why you shouldn't be afraid of fish and how to make a fail-safe cake. 


Pasta Making

Make your own fresh tagliatelle, gnocchi and filled pastas by hand and machine.


Drama-Free Dinner Parties

Conquer your fear of entertaining and impress your guests by learning how to put together a foolproof three course meal. Choose from my suggested menus or we can work together to create your own.


Healthy Eating

You’d like to eat healthier but feel sad just thinking about “diet” food. Get inspiration for a wealth of flavourful lighter options.


Cooking With Kids

Getting hands on is a great way to help children develop a healthy relationship with food. We’ll make sweet and savoury treats appropriate to the age group. We currently run the Sycamore Seeds after school cookery club at Horney Vale Community Centre but also offer kid-focussed private lessons and children's parties.

Blood Orange & Bay Ice Cream.JPG


Something in particular you’d like to learn? Just ask and I can devise a personal lesson for you and anyone else you’d like to invite. From simple summers to decadent dinners, an introduction to ice cream or a masterclass in macaroons. If you're got more people than will fit in your kitchen, just let me know and I can book a suitable venue.