Which suppliers do you use?

Whether freezer filling or cooking a five-course dinner party, I use premium, seasonal ingredients from a variety of trusted suppliers. Meat comes from Turner & George who source their top-quality cuts from independent farms and smallholdings. I get spankingly fresh fish and seafood from Moxon's. Or else Marky Market is at Smithfields and Billingsgate whilst everyone is still in bed, picking up the best produce at a great price.


Is the packaging recyclable?

All the packaging used for oven-cooked freezer filling is recyclable, with the exception of the cardboard lid (most councils won't take paper or card that has grease residue on it). I'm currently working on sourcing a recyclable option for microwave so watch this space. 

Sycamore Smyth voucher

Can I buy vouchers?

Yes! You can! Vouchers are available for freezer filling or cookery lessons and make great presents. Surprise new parents or someone just returned from hospital with the offer of no-hassle food and they will thank you forever. Give the gift of hands-on learning to kitchen novices and foodies alike. 


What about allergens?

I’m working on making detailed allergen information for each dish available but in the meantime, please get in touch if you have questions. Many dishes are available in allergy-friendly versions but please note that though I take great care to avoid cross-contamination my meals are cooled in an environment in which allergens are present.